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Stop hiring email marketing specialists. Build your own money-making campaigns with Automail bundles .

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Things you get... in a nutshell.

Plus, all the building blocks will be on your service to thinker around and ideate new strategies. 💪

What do you get with Automail bundles?

Simply... everything you need for a successful email marketing campaign.

HTML Email Templates

You get HTML Email Templates that work perfectly on all 30+ clients and their mobile versions.


You get a bulletproof email strategy that covers the latest email marketing tips and trends.

Marketing Automation

You get visual and easy-to-understand marketing automation journeys that you can easily modify.

ESP Blueprints

Are you having a hard time to build your campaign? I will provide blueprints for your ESP! * upcoming feature

Content Plan

You get the latest email copy suggestions for increased open, click and conversion rates

Community Access

Community access for premium support and discussing email marketing with like-minded marketers.* upcoming feature

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Who is building these bundles?

Hint: Me!

Emre Demirel Portrait

I am an Email Marketing Expert and Developer. And I know my stuff.

I worked as a Marketing Manager for both marketing agencies and startups. I am developing Email Marketing Strategies for both SMEs and Startups for three years as a consultant.

I have developed over 200+ bulletproof emails for tech giants like Microsoft, Siemens and big corporations like Merck.

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Bundles To Kickstart Your Email Marketing!

I build these bundles with my personal ideation scheme. You will receive a great email automation template with bundles out-of-the-box!

Ecommerce Abandoned Cart Bundle

You can increase your revenue up to 35% with well-planned Abandoned Cart strategy.

50% Pre-Order Discount

9.99$  *Personal license

SaaS Post-Purchase Drip Bundle

Post-Purchase Campaigns are for building long-lasting relationships with new customers.

50% Pre-Order Discount

14.99$  *Personal license

SaaS User Onboarding Bundle

Onboarding Emails are crucial for retaining new users. However, only a small percentage of companies nail it without annoying users.

50% Pre-Order Discount

9.99$  *Personal license

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